Architectural Acoustics

Acoustic insulation in building

Studies, projects and acoustic tests.

Design and sizing of acoustic insulation systems for airborne and impact noise, according to CTE DB-HR for new housing, rehabilitation and reforms, in accordance with ISO 12354.

Acoustic projects and studies for cultural, educational and hospital buildings.

Building of tertiary, commercial, activities, recreational and shows.

Diagnosis and medical prescription by carrying out tests and/or prediction software.

Visits to monitor the work, surveillance and control of the execution of the solutions and/or corrective measures prescribed both for the construction systems and for the facilities (as the most critical part of acoustic control).

Work control and monitoring reports, resolution of points of conflict, new details or changes during the execution process.

Certification through standardized tests, in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, of the different families of the ISO 16283 standard.

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